atal03.jpgAtalanta & Hippomenes

Greeks believed in mythlolgy,like gods,goddesses,and myths.Atalanta is a love myth. Atalanta was a beautiful girl in greek legend, her name means unswaying.

She was the daughter of Lasus of Arccadia.She was a great huntress, who was skilled in archery. She was fed by bears, and later brought up by hunters. She sailed on the Argo to be in the calydonian boar hunt.She was in a wrestling match against Peleus.Achilles was to be Peleus father.She said she wasn't marrying anybody unless somebody beats her in a race.Hippomenes raced her,he knew he couldn't beat her, so he had three golden apples.He layed one at a time down so she stopes and picks them up.He won the race and they married,Atalanta had a son named Pathenopaeus.Her son was one of the seven against Thebes.After married zeus transformed Hippomenes and Atalanta into lions,for laying in a grove scared to the gods.

I think students who like myths.[example:Love Myths] I think students will like Atalanta and Hippomenes. Reason i think they will like it because Atalanta said she would never marry.But one man said he race her and beat her,his name was Hippomenes.

Questions to Know

1.Atalanta was the daughter to who?

2.Why was Hippomenes and Atalanta transformed into lions by Zeus?