Mythology is various beliefs, rituals and other observances concerning the supernatural held or practice by the ancient romans from the legendary period until Christianity finally completely supplanted the native religion of the Roman Empire at the start of the Middle Ages.

Hermes is the winged messenger of the greek gods. Hermes is also the son of Zeus and Maia. In the Roman Mythology, he is known as Mercury. Born in a cave on mount. Cyllene in Areadia, he was a wise boy. Out of all gods he was the most shrewdest and most cunming of them all. He also was the master thief. when he was a day old he stole away Apollo's herd of cows. Hermes has wings on his sandals, wings on his low crowend hat, and on his magic wand, called the Caduceus. Hermes was the inventor of the lyre and the guide of soulson the way to Hades.

There are many greek gods known to man. The one that I had to write about was Hermes he was the wisest god and the slikist. That's what he was best known for.


What did Hermes take when he was one year old? From who?

Who was Hermes father?