Jason was the hair to the thrown of Iolcus in Greece. His father was king Aeson .

Jason lived for adventure and thrill. However his step brother Pleias took advantage of the king age and locked the king in prison and took over the kingdom for himself. Then Aeson’s wife became pregnant and knew that if Pleias found out he would kill the baby so she flew the coup with the baby in hand and her kinfolk in another, then Jason was born.

When Jason got of age he was told his real name and his destiny. He was to return to Greece and take over the thrown from his evil uncle Pleias. When he arrived his uncle was disappointed and furious and wanted to kill him but was told not to by Jason’s other uncle’s. So Pleias sent him on a journey he was sure Jason could not do and was sure to die. Jason had to get the Golden Fleece and bring it back to Greece.

When Jason arrived at Colchis the king was not going to hand it over willingly, so he requested that Jason complete a series of test to get the Golden Fleece. Jason accomplished all the task and returned to Iolcus with the fleece.



Hamlton, Edith Mythlolgy

Questions to Know

who is pleias?

what did jason have to go get before his uncle would surrender the thrown?