King Midas

King Midas
By: Cassie N. Painter

Greek Mythology is epics and tales of the ancient Greek and Roman myths and literatures. And King Midas is one of the Greek Mythology epics. King Midas epic is about him with him golden touch that he got for a reward that was really a tragedy.

(Hamilton, Edith, Mythology. New York, NY; Little, Brown Co., 1942) AND () King Midas received a guy named Silenus, a young man who sometimes tutored Dionysus. Silenus was captured by the people of Lydia and was taken to King Midas of Phrygia. After a while King Midas recognized Silenus compassion for Dionysus, so King Midas agreed to let Silenus go from his capture and King Midas welcomed and entertained Silenus for ten days. In return for King Midas letting Silenus go Dionysus offered to bestow upon King Midas anything that he choose. King Midas requested that all he touched would turn to gold. Reluctantly Dionysus agreed to the king’s wish. At first the king was pleased with his gift, but then he realized that his gift would soon kill him. One day when King Midas went to eat and drink. But when he touched his food and drink it immediately turned to gold. King Midas called on Dionysus to take his “gift” back, but he told him that he couldn’t. But Dionysus recommended that Midas could go and wash in the river of Pactolus. Midas did so and the golden touch was cleansed form King Midas. Later Apollo changed King Midas’s ears to those of a donkey, for punishment for his stupidity for the golden wish.

My opinion is that King Midas was a very nice man for letting Silenus free. But I think that it was foolish that he would wish for a golden touch. He got what he deserved for requesting for the golden touch over all of the other things that he could have asked for, for the better benefit. You should learn to be a very noble, nice, and forgiving person. But you should always try to pay attention to what you do and don’t wish or hope. What you wish for it could hurt you in your future.

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