The story of Pandora is all about curiosty and revenge. When Zeus was a young god he tryed to rule, but the Titans did not wont him to so the Titans and all the gods went to war for a long ten years. When the fighting was over Zeus had came out victorius with the these Titans and a few more Cyclopes was one of the Titans the helped. Promethus was of the Titans on his side but Zeus had got very angry with Promethus for stealing some fire from Mt.Olympics and gave it to the men on the earth. Zeus decided not to kill Promethus and his other brother because of the part they played in the war, so he started planning to get even.

Zeus orderd Hephaestus to make him a woman. Zeus told Hephaestus to make her look like the goddess Aphrodite. The Four Winds blew life into her. Zeus named her Pandora. After that each god and goddesses gave her a special trait then Zeus gave her a box and told her that she could'nt open the box.

After that Zeus gave Pandora to Epimetheus. Even though Epemtheus brother told him not accept anything from Zeus but she was to beutiful to turn down. Epemtheus married Pandora and Pandora started doing daily house work. At first every thing was fine utill Pandora started thinking about the box. Every timed Pandora looked at the box she wonderd what was in it.

Pandora wanted to know what was in the box so bad she burried the box underground and rolled a rock over it. Later that night Pandora got up and rolled the rock from where she burried the box. She dug the box up and looked in it then closed it, but it was already to late. Nothing came out but it was arlready to late.

In the box was stored old age, sickness, insanity, pestilence, vice, passion, greed, crime, death, theft, lies, jealousy, and famine. In the box all these horrible things came out but the only good thing that was in the box was hope.

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